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Cathy Bodnar, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

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Every day many decisions are made at CCH.  Each decision has an impact.  The Compliance Program is your resource; we help to promote ethical decision-making in the business of healthcare.

Compliance is about honesty. Honesty in dealing with

  • our patients,
  • the public, and
  • the government.

It includes honesty in the way we do our work day in and day out even when no one is looking.

Compliance is about respect

  • for our patients, their families and significant others, and for patients’ rights to make informed decisions about their care.
  • for privacy, confidentiality, and security of information about patients, colleagues and visitors.
  • for our co-workers and other members of Cook County Health, whether they are directly involved in patient care or not – for example in administrative, support areas, education or research.

Compliance is about following the rules. The rules are found in our

  • policies and procedures and
  • in laws and regulations

It’s about knowing limits and asking questions if we don’t know the answer.

Compliance is about Us collectively, as a health care organization and us as individuals doing the right thing.

At CCH we recognize we have a responsibility as individuals and collectively to behave honestly with professional responsibility.

Compliance is everyone’s responsibility. Together we are responsible for doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do! (even when no one’s looking)

Corporate Compliance Programs

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