A direct appointment

position is a high level, specialized professional Position for which academic credentials and total accumulated experience (or specialized experience) are import determinants for differentiating among Applicants, and:

  1. Has Minimum Qualifications requiring a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and a minimum of three years of work experience related to the Position,
  2. Is appointed by the CEO,
  3. Reports directly to the CEO or a Deputy CEO or reports to someone who is within two reporting levels of the CEO or a Deputy CEO as reflected on the CCHHS organizational charts,
  4. Is not covered by any CBA,
  5. Is exempt from career service under the CCHHS Personnel Rules and are at-will (unless the Employee in the Direct Appointment Position was hired prior to July 1, 2010 and was appointed to the Direct Appointment Position prior to March 12, 2013),
  6. Is responsible for the day-to-day performance of a high-level and specialized professional function, and
  7. Is not an Actively Recruited Position.

Direct Appointment Position List

The list of all Direct Appointment Positions, which may be amended from time to time pursuant to Section VIII.J., a current copy of which is attached as Exhibit 5.

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