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Betty Anna Donoval, JD, MS
Scientific Quality Coordinator IRB
Cook County Health

Before You Begin

  • You may only begin the onboarding process AFTER you and a CCH Investigator have agreed on a role on an IRB-approved research project.
  • Please fully complete all forms. Incomplete forms may delay processing and your onboarding.

Steps & Requirements

  1. These forms are required
    1. Application (must be signed by the PI, Chairman, and Research & Regulatory Affairs)
    2. Infection Control Screening Compliance Form/Purple Form (with required labs)
    3. Security Access Form
    4. Computer Sign-On Form (if access to CCH computer systems is required)
    5. Confidentiality Agreement Form (if access to CCH computer systems is required)
    6. Review and sign IT Security Rules of Behavior (if access to CCH computer systems is required)
  2. Make a copy of all forms for your records.
  3. Please return forms to Human Resources (1950 W Polk St. 8th Floor).
  1. Human Resources will schedule you for a drug test and background check. They will also contact your PI with your orientation date after you have cleared employee health.
  2. Once you complete orientation, contact Research & Regulatory Affairs to schedule your IRB training.
  3. If access to computer systems is required, take forms to Corporate Compliance (1950 W. Polk Street, 9th Floor) for signatures and submit the signed forms to Hospital Information Systems (SHCC Room 2650).

Important Note

You will not receive an immediate answer when you drop off your forms. The forms have to be reviewed and provided to CCH HR. Your PI will be contacted by CCH HR to attend Orientation.

Direct questions to Betty Anna Donoval at

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