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Provident Hospital of Cook County is responsible for providing a wide array of healthcare services to the residents of Cook County, particularly those who reside in the Grand Boulevard neighborhood and on the South Side of Chicago.

It meets community healthcare needs including primary, same-day surgery, family practice, and critical care services.

Deeply committed to prevention, Provident Hospital staff and volunteers work with community residents to promote health and wellness through health fairs, a speaker’s bureau, support groups, health wellness groups for teens, men and seniors and educational programs (diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, heart disease and others).

Mission Statement

The Mission of Provident Hospital of Cook County is…

To deliver health services with dignity regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, partner with communities and providers to enhance public health, and advocate for policies that promote the physical and mental well-being of the people of Cook County.


Provident Hospital is a landmark in Chicago history. In fact, several “firsts” occurred at the medical center, giving it a special place in both the world and the nation’s medical history. The hospital officially opened on January 22, 1891 as Provident Hospital and Training School.  Two years later, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a prominent African-American surgeon and founder of Provident, went on to perform the nation’s first open-heart surgery at the hospital in the summer of 1893. This operation, without X-rays, antibiotics, surgical prep-work or tools of modern surgery, placed both “Dr. Dan” and Provident Hospital at the forefront of one of Chicago’s medical milestones. His patient, James Cornish survived.  He was discharged 51 days after his remarkable surgery.

In addition, Provident Hospital, established the first nursing school for black women in Chicago. Throughout this century, Provident Hospital’s mission remained unchanged, providing quality health care to the medically underserved.  After a long and distinguished history of service, rising hospital costs made it difficult for inner city hospitals to survive. As a result, Provident Hospital closed its doors in 1987.

Cook County government recognized the importance and need for continued health care for south side residents of Cook County and purchased the facility from the federal government in 1990. The County made a major investment of approximately $58 million to accommodate the changing health delivery system. This investment included renovating the facility and upgrading clinical systems and equipment.

Provident Hospital of Cook County opened on August 17, 1993 as a public, community teaching hospital.  The hospital is an affiliate of Cook County Health one of the largest comprehensive health systems in the country. As one of seven affiliates of this network, Provident Hospital serves as a vital link to provide ambulatory and primary care health services.

Provident is a Joint Commission-accredited hospital of 25 acute medicalsurgical beds- 21 private and 2 semi-private rooms, and a ‘regional healthcare center’ offering Same Day Surgery, comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging Service, Cardiac Diagnostics, Laboratory Services, and Rehabilitative Services- Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology.  In conjunction with ACHN, primary and specialty ambulatory clinic sessions in over 16 medical specialties are also provided.