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Our volunteers donate their time and talents to provide various hospitality services for our patients and staff.  Adult volunteers are needed to visit patients, greet visitors at the front desk, and pass out magazines in the waiting areas. Prerequisites include a physical, a TB screening and drug screen provided by the hospital. To inquire about how to become a volunteer, please call (312) 572-2742 Monday through Friday. Minimum requirements for volunteers include high school diploma, a physical, background check, and drug screen paid for by Cook County. Teens must be at least 14 years of age and in high school.

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) at Provident Hospital of Cook County offers an opportunity for the hospital to develop business relationships for the purpose of “community consultation”. The board provides input regarding  community healthcare needs and members generate ideas for process improvement. The participants are helpful in heightening awareness of  the services and programs offered.  The board actively promotes and participates in all of the hospital’s internal events.

The Provident Hospital Community Advisory Board consists of 20 members with diverse skills and contacts.  A portion of the  membership rotates but consists of patients, church leaders, bank presidents, social and business organization leaders, school principals, government officials and other healthcare representatives.