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Gennadiy Voronov, MD, System Chair

1969 W. Ogden Ave.
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The Pain Management Center at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County evaluates and treats patients suffering from Acute and Chronic Pain, using a multidisciplinary approach that includes non-interventional as well as interventional modalities. Patients within the Cook County Health Bureau are referred to the center by multiple specialties including neurosurgery, Neurology, Primary Care, Family Medicine, Oncology, Rheumatology, Trauma, and Palliative Medicine, among others. Patients are scheduled according to the urgency of their problem. They are initially evaluated and treatment is suggested. Some patients are referred back to the primary physician after the appropriate treatment is provided in our Clinic. Other patients may require ongoing follow–up for months to years.

The Pain Center has six private consultation rooms equipped with state of the art monitoring system, a three bed recovery room as well as two major procedure rooms fully equipped with state of the art equipment (monitoring, fluoroscopy unit, and ultrasound machine). The Pain Center encompasses a team that provides service to patients in the hospital (Acute Pain Service), and a team that provides Chronic Pain Service. The teams are composed of attending physicians, three fellows, a resident, and a nurse dedicated to the care of these patients.