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Gennadiy Voronov, MD, System Chair

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The Post Anesthesia Recovery Room (PACU) at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County is a busy state of the art 20 bed facility including two isolation rooms. It is a highly organized unit available 24 hours a day. Coverage consists of an anesthesiologist and an anesthesiology resident during regularly scheduled operative days in addition to a charge nurse, numerous specialized nurses, a patient care assistant and a clerk. Patient acuity ranges from the routine to the moribund and from the young to the old. As such, it is common to have critical patients some of whom are intubated on any given day. Having a dedicated medical and nursing staff thus facilitates care of the post-operative patient. Staff are adept at dealing with the many issues surrounding surgery including but not limited to pain, nausea, ventilatory management, intravenous access and arrhythmias just name a few.

Each patient slot has its own permanent monitoring instruments and display. In addition, each slot is connected to a central monitoring station for telemetry. We are in the process of further improvements with the addition of bed side touch screen automatic charting modules interfacing with both the hospital wide electronic medical record system and the anesthesia charting system.

Satellite laboratory facilities exist in the PACU for commonly ordered tests for near instantaneous determinations. Post-operative blocks for pain are commonly performed in the PACU. Patient controlled analgesia and epidural infusions begin in the PACU. The anesthesia care team from the PACU covers hospital emergencies such as “code blues” and other emergency procedures such as intubations as well as assisting critical care units when requested for a variety of procedures such as sedation for trans-esophageal echocardiography or cardioversion.