As chief residents, we welcome your interest in the Anesthesiology Residency Program at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, a facility filled with honor and tradition. John H. Stroger Hospital has always been one of the national leaders in the public health systems movement. The hospital has been the center of multiple media and entertainment outlets over the years, allowing it to be recognized in almost every city in the country. Some of the main reasons why it attracts so much attention is its cultural diversity, the clinical experience, and its location.

Located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, the hospital is surrounded by an extremely rich academic environment. Its central location allows easy transfers from surrounding hospitals of highly complex cases which contribute to your clinical maturation. The hospital is home to the first ever trauma and burn center. The nationally renown program enhances your training experience by exposing you to frequent difficult airway cases, interesting trauma pathophysiology and an opportunity to perform various procedures. The setting optimizes your clinical and analytical skills in a fast paced and pressurized environment. The hospital is on the forefront of technological innovation, you will acquire a highly gainful experience with the most up-to-date anesthesia equipment, monitoring devices, and data collection systems.

The program has a solid academic foundation, highly focused on the most up-to-date and evidence based practices. The board pass rate is excellent, and this has much to do with the attentiveness and solicitude of the faculty.

In summary, this program allows you the opportunity to care for an underprivileged, but highly appreciative patient population. The location, patients, and trauma center present a vast array of clinical experiences which help build a solid background in anesthesiology.

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