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Mark Loafman, MD, MPH, Chairperson

Phone: To make an appointment please call 1-312-864-0200

Family Medicine physicians at Cook County Health provide exceptional care to patients of all ages, focusing on the health of the family and community, with emphasis on prevention, early detection and wellness.

We work in a dozen primary care medical home clinics and inpatient settings across the County where we care for the entire family by providing a full spectrum of health services, including:

  • Annual physicals and health exams
  • Immunizations
  • Acute care for injury or short-term illness
  • Maternal and child health (prenatal, delivery and postpartum services)
  • Care of chronic and complex illness
  • Special procedures
  • Care coordination with specialists, mental health providers and community services

Our world-class team is committed to building lasting relationships with our patients, their families and communities to promote good health at every stage of life.  We address your physical, social and psychological needs to provide you with the best possible health care and healthy outcomes.

In keeping with the leadership focus of Chairperson Mark Loafman, MD, MPH, who joined CCH in 2015, the department is helping the health system on a transformational journey, emphasizing community based and preventive oriented primary care while continuing to optimize the world-class acute hospital services we have always been known for.

We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about the community and are actively engaged in addressing health disparities to bring health equity to those most in need. We are committed to helping the community create a healthy environment for you and your family.

We provide primary care to families throughout the Ambulatory and Community Health Network (ACHN) of Cook County at the following sites:

*Cook County Family Medicine Residency Program primary care training site.