The Cook County Family Medicine Residency is holding its own Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) course!

ALSO® is an educational program developed for maternity care providers including physicians, nurses and certified nurse midwives. It is designed to enhance cognitive and procedural skills in the management of obstetrical emergencies. ALSO® is patterned after similar life support courses (e.g., ACLS®, ATLS®, PALS®) and is produced by local faculty in their communities in the interest of helping standardize emergency obstetrical procedures.
Course Objectives:
1) Discuss methods of managing pregnancy and birth urgencies and emergencies, which standardize the skills of practicing maternity care providers.
2) Demonstrate content and skill acquisition as evidenced by successful completion of online course examination, skills workstations, and group testing stations.

The course is in the new 1 day format:
Didactic learning will be accomplished via online modules.
The 8 hour course will consist of a 1 hour orientation lecture followed by active training stations

Course Director: John Hayes DO

Date: Saturday, July 7th. 8am to 4pm
Location: 1900 W Polk St (Stroger hospital administration building) – 2nd floor – Board room

$500 per attending physician
$400 per resident physician
$400 for PA, NP, CNW, or other allied health providers

Please make checks payable to: CCH Department of Family Medicine

Course fees include:

  • access to ALSO online training
  • ALSO course training sessions
  • Catered breakfast and lunch
  • ALSO Mneumonic cards
  • ASLO Course Manual Flash Drive

Thank you for your interest in our also course. We are currently at capacity for our July 7th, 2018 course. We will be holding this training annually so please try again next year. If you would like to be added to our course waiting list, please email with your contact information.