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Jonathan Reed, Residency Coordinator

1950 W Polk, 7th floor
Chicago, IL 60612

How do I apply to the residency program?
The Cook County Family Medicine Residency Program only accepts applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

How many residents are currently in the program?
Currently there are 36 residents in the program. We have twelve intern positions available per year.

At which of the three Family Medicine Centers will I see my continuity patients?
Clinic selection is determined during orientation. A mutual decision is reached between the residents and faculty. Those applicants with Spanish competency will be given preferential placement at Dr. Jorge Prieto Health Center.

Where should I consider my home base?
Residents will be assigned a Family Medicine Center, which is considered their home base.

How often will I be on call?
The call schedule is dependent upon the block rotation. Some rotations do not require residents to be on call. The program strictly adheres to the resident work duty hour rules as outlined by the ACGME.

What are your criteria for matching applicants?
There is a selection committee that includes faculty and resident representatives. All components of the application, personal statement and interview are used in the decision.