The Department of Family and Community Medicine at Cook County Health  (CCH) is actively engaged in addressing health disparities for the vulnerable populations we serve. Uniquely positioned in clinical and leadership roles across our large public health system, Family Physicians are making a positive impact on our patients and their families, our workforce, and on our health system.


  • We work with patients across the entire life cycle, with amazing levels of collaboration with other departments and clinical program areas who view Family Physicians as allies in a shared service-oriented mission.
  • We work in a diverse array of medical home clinics across the County where we care for families by providing the full spectrum of clinical services.
  • We work in John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital on Family Medicine adult inpatient and Maternal Child Health teaching services, alongside legendary specialty services led by senior pioneers and young physician leaders.
  • We work in all of these settings with behavioral health providers, care coordinators, clinical pharmacists and community health workers to address physical, social and psychological needs.

The department is helping the health system on a transformational journey, emphasizing community based and preventive oriented primary care while continuing to optimize the world-class acute hospital services we have always been known for. The opportunity for family medicine to serve a leadership role in one of the nation’s largest fully integrated public health systems is exciting and inspiring. Our department’s educational, academic research and clinical practice priorities are laser focused on succeeding in this role. Bringing health equity to those most in need.

Dr. Mark LoafmanMark Loafman, MD, MPH
Department Chairman
Family and Community Medicine
Cook County Health