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The mission of the Cook County Hospital Dermatology Residency Program is to produce excellent clinical dermatologists and leaders in the field of Dermatology. This is accomplished by providing an educational and analytical environment that encourages personal growth, teamwork, effective communication, compassion, state-of-the-art clinical care, sensitivity to the individual needs of patients, professionalism, collegiality, career-long learning, clinical curiosity, scholarship, and scientific inquiry.

Within this framework, the following specific educational objectives will be emphasized:

  1. Expansion of personal fund of knowledge concerning clinical, etiological, and pathophysiological aspects of all dermatological disease as reflected by successful completion of national in-training and certifying examinations.
  2. Mastery of the skills of medical decision-making and judgment relevant to the comprehensive, efficient management of complex medical and procedural dermatologic disease.
  3. Mastery of the technical skills relevant to the efficient diagnosis and management of general and complex dermatologic disease to the equivalent of that of a conscientious practicing general dermatologist.
  4. Acquisition of proficiency in the dermatopathological diagnosis of skin disease.
  5. Acquisition of proficiency in the professional communication skills necessary for effective patient care and collegial professional interaction.
  6. Gain proficiency in the use of modern educational tools for maximizing the efficiency of lifelong professional learning.
  7. Develop an awareness of and sensitivity to societal health care needs related to the care of skin disease.

To accomplish these goals, a faculty dedicated to patient care, teaching, scholarship, research, and intellectual curiosity will provide the infrastructure for the resident learning experience. The resident will be expected to be self-motivated, responsive to guidance, willing to invest the time and effort necessary for self-learning, and fully dedicated to patient care and career-long education.