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The integrated endocrinology fellowship program of Rush University Medical Center and John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County offers a two-year program that is designed to prepare fellows for the Endocrinology Board Examination and to be clinical endocrinologists.

Fellows divide their time evenly between Rush University Medical Center and Stroger Hospital. These two institutions are located one block from each other and provide clinical and academic experiences in patient care, research and teaching in a variety of clinical settings that is desigend to enrich the fellows training experience. This program is not flexible. The start date is July 1st and ends on June 30th.

Positions for 2011 are opened only to Rush University Medical Center and Cook County Heath residents. We are not participating in the Match.

For more information please contact Leon Fogelfeld, MD at or Lucia Freeman, MA at

Phone: (312) 864-0540

Fax: (312) 864-9734

Mail your applications to:

Stroger Hospital of Cook County
Rush/County Combined
Endocrinology Fellowship Program
1900 West Polk Street #812
Chicago, IL 60612


Research activities focus on outcomes of care in diabetes, clinical research in thyroid cancer, molecular pathogenesis of thyroid cancer and diabetes drug studies as follows.

Multicenter Trials

  1.  Exanatide for Type 2 DM
  2. Glimeperide vs. Metformin in Type 2 DM in children
  3. Ertapenem in Diabetic Foot
  4. Rosiglitazone in Type 2 DM (beta cell preservation)
  5. Glargine vs. TZDs in Type 2 DM
  6. Pioglitazone in atherosclerosis
  7. NAPH Diabetes Studies (with Dr.Reilly)

Original & Ongoing Studies

  1. Metabolic Syndrome in adolescent Hispanics
  2. Motivational Interview for New Diabetics
  3. Diabetes burden in CCBHS (with Dr. Shiff group)
  4. Accuracy of Home Blood Glucose Monitoring
  5. Safety-net therapy for unstable diabetes (with Emergency Department)
  6. Asymptomatic ventricular dysfunction in new diabetics (with Div. of Cardiology)
  7. The impact of patients diabetes knowledge on outcomes of care
  8. High dose of 131 I therapy in Graves’ disease

Studies in Advanced Planning

  1. Detection and management of prediabetes and metabolic syndrome-feasibility phase
  2. Multifactorial intervention in patient with advanced nephropathy (with Renal Division)