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Mohamed Adenwalla, MD
Program Director

Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellowship: Stroger Hospital of Cook County / Retina Consultants Ltd.

Our objective is for the fellow to develop careful observation, critical analysis and creative thinking about retinal disease with a special emphasis on surgical intervention.

The fellow is expected to understand the power and limitations of all procedures and learn the range of surgical options in order to select the best suited to the pathology. During the case, continued careful observation and attention is required to reach the goal with optimal efficiency and minimal complications.

We offer exposure to a wide array of vitreoretinal diseases, including complex diabetic tractional detachment, proliferative vitreoretinopathy, and pediatric vitreoretinal surgery.

Here at Cook County, our fellows will gain experience managing vitreoretinal diseases both surgically and medically from first year of fellowship as primary surgeon. The pediatric retina component will feature management of Stickler disease, ROP and other pediatric retinal vascular diseases including persistent fetal vasculature, Coats disease, FEVR, and Norrie disease.

Fellows will be trained in management of standard medical retinal diseases as well as less common conditions such as inherited diseases, posterior segment inflammatory diseases, and posterior segment tumors, including melanoma and retinoblastoma. Additionally, Retina Consultants offers state-of-the-art techniques in conjunction with variety of intra-operative modalities including OCT, FA and endoscopy.

Our program maintains a strong interest in teaching, research, and publication. The fellow will be expected to contribute to advancement of the field of retinal diseases through publication of clinical research projects.

Our current fellows:

Amir R Hajrasouliha, MD

Benjamin Reiss, MD