The Language, Speech and Hearing, Occupational and Physical Therapy department offers educational & volunteer opportunities.

Educational Opportunities

Department accepts occupational and physical therapy clinical internships.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers interested in the OT/PT/LSH or Audiology professions are accepted for short-term learning opportunities.

Volunteers are not allowed to do hands-on patient care per hospital policy but, can be exposed to patient interventions and operations through observation, assisting with treatment set-ups, clean up, and performing clerical duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A referral from a Cook County affiliated physician is required to provide therapy services or equipment.
  • Inpatient focus and priority is on swallow/ feeding evaluations for Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), No SLP outpatient services are currently available.
  • Audiology provide hearing testing and refers hearing aid requests to an outside source.
  • Occupational Therapy provides resting splints, upper extremity therapy and Activity-of-daily-living evaluation and training.
  • Physical Therapy provides mobility training, ambulation equipment, trunk, neck and lower extremity evaluation and treatment.
  • All allied health services assist with determination of inpatient discharge placement planning as relevant to their clinical specialty.