Morning Case Conferences

(Daily 7:30AM – 8:15AM): Given by the department chairman, this case conference trains residents to identify pertinent findings and construct appropriate differential diagnosis. The variety of cases each morning are drawn from the huge selection of pathology seen every day at John H. Stroger.

Teaching Conferences

(Daily 12:00PM – 1:00PM): Daily didactic sessions constitute the fundamental core of the teaching program. These lectures are given by the division head of each subspecialty and are tailored to prepare residents for the CORE exam.

First Year Lecture Series

Daily didactic sessions during the summer are aimed at the incoming first-year residents as an introduction to radiology.

MSK Conference

(Tuesdays 3:00PM – 4:00PM): “Hot Seat” type conference which progressively builds on topics in MSK imaging and is organized both anatomically and by subject.

Neurosurgery Multidisciplinary Conference

(Thursdays 8:00AM – 9:00AM): Interdisciplinary conference where interesting cases are discussed with an emphasis on surgical implications and outcomes. Once a month the neuroradiology resident presents a topic of interest.

Neuroanatomy Lecture Series

(Mondays 3:00PM – 4:00PM): Review sessions covering detailed neuroanatomy pertinent to the practice of radiology. These lectures serve as a strong foundation for first year residents as well as more complex anatomy for upperclassmen.

Medical Physics

(Wednesdays 1:00PM – 2:00PM at Rush): Several months out of the year residents attend a physics course with fellow Rush radiology residents, as one of the many benefits of training at CCH.

Board Review

(Daily 4:00PM – 6:00PM): Several months during the year board review sessions are given to the third year residents. All residents are welcome to attend.

Beyond Interpretation Skills

Several weeks during the year lectures are devoted to teaching non-interpretive skills required for a modern day radiologist. These conferences cover essential topics such as the business of radiology, revenue cycle, and medical professionalism. Journal club and biostatistics is also provided.

Quality Improvement Curriculum

Monthly quality improvement conferences using IHI (Institute for Health Improvement) open school curriculum are exercised. These conferences help to build foundations of improvement, safety, system design, and leadership. Additional departmental wide monthly QA conference conducted by the QA committee focusing on reduction of medical errors and quality initiatives.

Stroke Interdisciplinary Conference

Neurointerventional and diagnostic neuroradiology staff and residents attend a bi-monthly conference with the clinical neurology service where interesting and complex cases are discussed.

Head and Neck Interdisciplinary Conference

A dedicated conference with ENT and oncology which targets a multidisciplinary approach to patient guided treatment. Residents are welcome to attend this conference during their neurology rotation.

Rheumatology Interdisciplinary Conference

Residents are welcome to attend Rheumatology conferences at RUSH on a monthly basis during their MSK rotation.