In addition to daily teaching that occurs during the department’s clinical activities, residents are given “hot seat” case discussion conferences, lectures, and subspecialty conference including medical physics that provide an in-depth and interactive approach to learning radiology. Teaching sessions are an important component of resident education and are considered as such by the dedicated teaching faculty at Cook County Health. Staff radiologists respect protected lecture time to ensure residents are able to fully participate in all departmental offerings.

Residents are evaluated by core faculty at the completion of each rotation. Each resident is also given semi-annual feedback from the program director in a one-on-one setting.

We truly value resident opinions at CCH. Residents are encouraged to provide feedback on each rotation and lecture series, as these recommendations are often quickly incorporated to further improve the program. We make sure the voice of each class is heard through dedicated class representatives. Working together, our residents truly shape the face of their education and this program.

A subscription to RadPrimer is provided throughout all four years of training as an excellent study tool which is integrated into the curriculum. Residents find this a very useful study tool. During each clinical rotation there is assigned reading from RadPrimer along with a pre- and post-test. This organized approach ensures a strong foundation in the principles of radiology and allows residents to monitor their progression.Our residents are taught how to interpret and perform ultrasounds, a useful skill which is useful throughout the entirety of one’s career.

Educational workshops covering key topics in business leadership of radiology like RVU’s, revenue cycle, negotiation skills etc. are covered. In addition, our residents are educated on key essentials of quality improvement with help of online IHI (Institute of Health Improvement) curriculum.