Research is a major component for medical advancements. Through research we are able to increase survival rates and make medical discoveries that lessen the impact of a traumatic injury. We are currently working on research projects in the area of:

  • Shock and resuscitation
  • Head, Chest, Abdominal and Pelvic injury
  • Burn injury and resuscitation
  • Burn grafting and hemostasis
  • Obesity and trauma
  • Elderly trauma
  • Gunshot injury and prevention
  • Public implications of the burden of injury

Research Fellowship

We offer a one or two year research fellowship for U.S. and International Researchers. Fellowship candidates are welcomed into our department with the opportunity to participate intimately with trauma and burn teams at Cook County Hospital. The fellowship is intended to create and foster U.S. and international academic relationships that are steeped in clinical basic science research.  Interested parties should complete the application (Research Fellowship Application) and e-mail it to Dr. Faran Bokhari at

Trauma Association of Canada (TAC 2018)


Trauma Coordinator – Justin Mis presenting his Grand Rounds


Research Collaboration with China


Dr. Tierney presenting at National Trauma Conference San Diego (2018)


Graduation (2017)


Research Team Dinner


Research Team at play!


Research Graduation Lunch



Dr. Chih-Yuan (Peter) Fu, MD – Corresponding Senior Researcher




Dr. Fu is a trauma surgeon of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan and international research fellow in Stroger Hospital.
Dr. Fu has an interest in data bank management, statistical analysis and study design. His research interests include pelvic injury, abdominal trauma and multiple trauma.


Dr. Francesco Bajani – In-Residence Senior Researcher
Dr. Bajani is a Researcher of the Department of Trauma and Burn Surgery. He attended the University School of Medicine and Psychology, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy.

Dr. Bajani is the Paddock doctor of Formula E World Champion races.

Dr. Bajani has an interest in combat military medicine and trauma. His research interests include trauma, burn and major hemorrhage management. Dr. Bajani’s personal interests include reading, international travel and teaching.


Dr. Nouman Safdar Ali – In-Residence Researcher



Dr. Ali is a Medical Officer with the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Shalamar Medical and Dental College in Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College in Pakistan and has an MBBS. His interests include Trauma and Burn Research.