How To Get a Copy of Your Medical Records

CCH patients have a choice of requesting for Medical Records in two ways;

  1. . Request By Mail / Fax:
  2.  In-Person Request:

Requestors can download a paper Medical Request Form (see forms below) and send the completed form to any of the following CCH locations with a copy of  the following:

Valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license, state ID, or school ID). Note that a copy of a valid ID is required before processing.

Request by Mail/Fax or In-Person Requests can be submitted by mail or fax to any of the following locations:

  • John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital and Oak Forest Health Center
    • 1969 W. Ogden St., Room 1100
    • Chicago, IL 60612
    • Phone 312-864-6152 or Fax 312-864-9890
  • Provident Hospital
    • 500 E. 51st St., Room 1016, first floor
    • Chicago, IL 60615
    • Phone 312-572-1527 or Fax 312-572-1524

In-Person Request: Requests can be submitted in person at either of the locations listed above. Requestors must present a valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license, state ID, or school ID).

Payment & Rates:

Your requested medical records and bill will then be mailed to you by a CCH vendor (CIOX Health). You can pay by check or online at

The rates are as follows:

Original Medical Record Format Method of Delivery Estimated Fees
Electronic Medical Records Delivered on CD or USB $6.50 flat fee
Electronic Medical Records Produced to paper $0.90 flat fee electronic to paper,
$0.32 for envelope plus postage and
$0.05 per page of paper
Hybrid (part electronic part paper) Produced on CD and USB $6.50 flat fee for electronic portion,
$1.08 flat fee for a CD or USB for
paper converted to electronic
format. Plus $0.07 per page of
paper record.
Paper Records Delivered in paper form $0.32 for envelope plus postage
with additional $0.12 per page of
Paper Records Delivered via CD and USB $1.08 for CD and USB with additional
$0.07 per page of paper.


To Obtain Vital Records


Copies of birth, death, and other official records for Chicago and suburban Cook County residents can be obtained from the Cook County Clerk’s office at or (312-603-5656).