The department of Pharmacy at Cook County Health (CCH) strives to provide the highest level of pharmacy services to our patients.

Our cohort of pharmacies dispenses approximately 1.4 million prescriptions per year among the 8 out-patient pharmacies conveniently located across the Chicagoland area.

Here at Cook County Health pharmacy is home to a number of student and residency programs and is among the leaders in pharmacy education. Our pharmacists, technicians and support personnel work together to ensure that patients’ needs are met. In addition to prescription walk-in and telephone refill options we also offer mail order.

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Medicaid & Medicare D patients

Medicaid and Medicare D patients will have to pay their specific co-pay amounts prior to the pick-up of prescriptions. Medicare D patients who apply and are approved for CareLink will be able to pay the CareLink fee amount instead of their Medicare pharmacy co-pay.

Limit of Liability (LOL) and CareLink Patients

If a patient is covered on a current LOL program or the CareLink program, the prescription fee will change from $3 to $4. The daily maximum for prescriptions filled in one day will change from $10 to $20.

Uninsured Patients

Uninsured patients are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Uninsured patients and patients waiting for CareLink approval will be required to pay a $4 fee for each prescription with a maximum of $20 for prescriptions filled in one day.

Click here more information regarding Financial Assistance.