• Q: How long will you hold my prescriptions?
    A: Outpatient pharmacy will hold your prescription for 14 days.
  • Q: What type of identification is needed for prescription pick-up?
    A: When picking up a prescription we ask that you bring a form of identification; one (1) item from list A, OR two (2) items from list B.
List A List B
Valid Illinois photo ID from the Secretary of State Office
Valid domestic or foreign driver’s license
Military ID
Student picture ID
Employee picture identification card
Worker’s permit identification with picture
Discharge papers (emergency department or Cermak Correctional Facility)
Immigration documentation
Social Security card
SSI/RSDI award letter
Birth certificate
Voter registration card
Wage Stubs
Referral letters from state or local agencies on agency letterhead. (Examples: Any local entity such as a church, hospital, shelter, a court or government agency.)

The Core Center – If someone else is going to pick up your medication, we ask that you give them a signed letter indicating that you are allowing them to pick up your medication.

  • Q: What should I do if I am picking up my last refill?
    A: Patients are encouraged to see physician if they have one (1) refill left or are picking up their last refill.
  • Q:  If I can’t afford my medication, will I still get it?
    A: You will be directed to the CareLink office to speak to a financial counselor.